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Product Archive: Wave Arcade Stickers

Technically we still make stickers, we’re just not selling them anymore. We’ve pretty much always given them away for free anyway – the original product page was more of an oversight on our part. Whoops.

Send us an email or contact us via Instagram – we might just be able to send you some of your own.

This sticker was one of our original designs from the start of the Wave Arcade project back in SLC! A tried and true classic.

“Grab some Wave Arcade Wave Machine stickers and stick them everywhere. Give them to your friends, your enemies, everybody.”

Wave Arcade Wave Machine stickers. A perfect, sticky addition of any flat surface. Clear or white backing, black ink, real slick.

2ish by 3ish inches.

Put them on your surfboard, your car, your laptop, street signs, your windows. Don’t stop until everything is stickers.

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We’re cleaning out the Wave Arcade garage and getting some things organized – including our website!

We’ve got some new products and projects in the works, but we don’t want to forget what got us here.

Our product archives serve as a blast from our past to celebrate where we’ve been and what we’ve learned.

What you see here are things we used to make that we don’t any more. Feel free to use them as inspiration for your own projects or simply enjoy your virtual trip to the Wave Arcade mausoleum.

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