red single fin

The Red Single Fin

This was the second board I shaped from the two recycled EPS foam blanks from MarkFoam.

Dimensions: 6’4″ x 20.25″ x 2.85″
6.25″ single, 50/50 foil, wood, moderate rake

This red single fin was inspired by some of the classic Hawaiian shapes and some of Gerry Lopez’s surfboard designs. I wanted a single like this that I could use in pretty much anything, but also go to as a step-up when the waves were bigger.

I’ve ridden this one less than its fish counterpart, but nonetheless, this single fin has proven to be a blast. It catches everything, and allows be to get into some of the bigger ones earlier, but is able to manage late drops as well.

The fin is probably a bit smaller than what you’d normally find on a board like this, but I think the nice long rail lines work nicely with it.

This board is perfect for drawing out carves, but with the narrow tail and small single fin, can be snapped around too.

This board was shaped from a stringered recycled EPS blanks, glassed with 2 layers of 4oz fiberglass on top and bottom using Resin Research BIO epoxy pigmented red, and finished with a bold, paint-pen pinstripe around the outline.

Since I was making two boards at once in my garage that wasn’t set up for shaping boards, but glassing racks were less than ideal. Unfortunately, this red board drew the short straw and wound up on the shakier rack. I dropped this this twice before it was finished, and it ended up with two nice dings before it ever hit the water. It’s been solid since then though!

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