green retro fish

The Green Retro Fish

Here’s a look into one of the 2 start to finish surfboards I made from Marko Foam Recycled EPS blanks.

Dimensions: 5’5″ x 21″ x 2.5″
Fins: Twin fin, wood, flat foil, modern keels

This green machine fish shape was pretty much based entirely off of a classic Steve Lis fish kneeboard design.

For the fins, I placed them a little farther up than a tradition fish and threw in a little more rake than you’d find in a typically twin setup on a fish.

I’ve probably been surfing this board the most over the past 6 months of so, and I’ve ridden it in everything from mushy, knee-high surf to vertical, overhead waves. It has the raw speed you’d expect from the fish, but has proven itself to be super maneuverable and useful in bigger surf too. Despite its relatively flat rocker, I’ve been able to take off on some pretty steep drops with it. It has certainly stood up to the test.

This blank was recycled EPS foam with no stringer. Glassed with 2 layers of 4oz on both the top and the bottom using green-pigmented Resin Research BIO epoxy. Finished with a bold, paint-pen pinline around the border.

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