The Purpose of the Wave Arcade Blog

The information contained in the Wave Arcade blog serves a few purposes. 

The main one being best articulated as this: I believe experimenting with your surfing equipment will bring you new surfing experiences. And new surfing experiences will bring you happiness

Different surfboard design elements can either work together or combat each other – some will facilitate certain types of surfing styles better than others.

Thinking about stuff you don’t normally think about is a good way to open your mind. That applies to life as much as it does to surfboards.  

The other reason for this blog is to introduce Wave Arcade to more people. If you found Wave Arcade through search, then – ha! It’s working! 

However, this is not one of those bogus, search-only driven blogs filled with fluffy content, recycled words, and stock images. I want it to feel more like a school notebook that’s used for a number of different subjects – complete with notes, doodles, and mind-wanderings. You’re not going to find listicles and click-bait. (e.g. 9 Surfboards YOU MUST HAVE! Number 5 will surprise you :0!)

My goal is to present some of the more popular topics in ways in which have helped me gain a better understanding of surfing and surfboard design. This will hopefully add something new to the conversation or at least present known information in a way that is accessible and helpful to you.

I’d also like to share some of my own thoughts and discoveries as I continue on this journey. I don’t know exactly what form those things will take.

I don’t claim to be any sort of expert or master, but I do love everything about surfing and the ocean. I hope I can share some of that feeling with you and help inspire you to expand your own surfing experience.

If you like what you’ve found on Wave Arcade, I’d love to hear about it. If you hate it, that’s cool too – you can tell me how much. 

Thanks for visiting!

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