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Johnny Utah: Surf Music in SLC

There’s something about surf music that I think everyone can enjoy.

Reverb-y surf guitar, groovy baselines, and rhythmic drums evoke a similar sense of freedom and flow that you get from actually surfing.

Artists that pioneered the genre in the ’50s and ’60s like Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Chantays, and other iconic surf bands have become synonymous with “surf music,” but you can find some great new stuff too – who pay homage to some of the classics and offer something of their own.

So, the other day when Adam Gonzalez, drummer for the instrumental surf band Johnny Utah, e-mailed Wave Arcade, I was pretty excited to write about it.

Johnny Utah is a surf band from Salt Lake City, UT that just released their album, Live at O.P. Rockwell.

The band’s members come from all over the west (Phoenix, AZ, Palo Alto, CA, Vancouver, WA, and Orem, UT), and had been connected through other projects. But it was their love of surf instrumentals and heavy reverb that brought them together to form Johnny Utah in 2015.

Surf music is obviously great on it’s own, but there’s something extra cool about the surf + SLC combo. That’s where Wave Arcade got its start after all!

Adam was looking to get some play in surf shops, but Wave Arcade – being the technically advanced organization it is – only exists online at the moment. I figured a place on the Wave Arcade Surf Blog would be the next best thing.

If you are looking for some music to play in your surf shop, Jonny Utah is a worthy addition to your rotation.

Or if you’re just looking for some new surf music to listen to or to catch a live show next time you’re in SLC, check out the links and information from the band below.

You can find them on:

From the Band

Johnny Utah – Pipeline (Live in Park City, UT)

Who Are We:

“Instrumental surf band based out of Salt Lake City, UT.

We call ourselves “Johnny Utah.” We’re revivalists of the instrumental surf era that was incredibly popular from about 1958 to 1964, and was revived in the mid 90s by the motion picture “Pulp Ficition.” We play all the surf songs on the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, coupled with songs from other popular surf acts such as The Ventures, The Shadows, The Astronauts, and others. We also play some originals too.”

Where We Have Played In the greater Salt Lake area:

  • Garage on Beck
  • The Cabin in Park City
  • The Royal
  • Kin Dig It Auto Design 20th Anniversary Car Show
  • Lake Effect
  • The Rabbit Hole
  • The Boneyard in Park City
  • Kilby Court
  • Ice Haus
  • Gracies
  • Club 48
  • Green Pig Pub
  • Platinum Music and Sports Memorabilia in Provo
  • Deer Valley Apres Lounge in Park City
  • Twyst
  • Hog Wallow
  • Park City T.V.
  • Park City Corporate Gigs
  • The Piper Down Club
  • O.P. Rockwell in Park City
  • O’shucks in Park City
  • Club X
  • Orem Summerfest Car Show
  • Lehi Round Up Days Car Show
  • Fillmore Days
  • Pizza Joints
  • House Parties
  • and many other places. 

Full set list:

  1. Corona
  2. Miserlou
  3. Paint It Black
  4. Edlina
  5. Kumiko
  6. Santo Maria
  7. Enjoy The Silence
  8. Love Vigilantes
  9. A Forest
  10. Egyptian Reggae
  11. James Bond
  12. Peter Gunn
  13. Cecilia Ann
  14. Rumble
  15. Mr Moto
  16. Walk Dont Run
  17. Ace of Spades
  18. Pipeline
  19. Diamond Head
  20. Wipe Out
  21. Hawaii 5-0
  22. Apache
  23. Bustin Surfboards
  24. Bullwinkle Pt 2
  25. Surf Rider
  26. Enola Gay
  27. Comanche
  28. Out of Limits
  29. The Hearse
  30. Sleep Walk
  31. 60 seconds to what
  32. Tequila
Johnny Utah – Edlina
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