Product Archive: Hemp-Glassed Eco Fins

“Get your hands on a limited edition hemp-glassed single fin or fin set from Wave Arcade. These fins feature hemp-glass, carbon fiber base supports, and bio-based epoxy resin.

They’re not the prettiest fins, but they’re light and responsive and will provide you with a totally new surf experience.”

These hemp-glassed fins were one of the first batches of our new construction fins – they each feature hemp cloth instead of fiberglass, dual carbon fiber base supports, and bio-based epoxy resin.

The result was a fairly stiff fin with strong flex and a solid base.

We’ve since moved away from hemp-cloth, and have been making some extremely lightweight, responsive, and really cool looking wood fins with wood, bio-resin, and carbon fiber. The new fins are our cleanest ones yet, but these hemp-glassed ones are still a great option.

These were a limited supply and were offered at 25% off their regular price.

The templates featured:

  • Single Fin Flex template – 7.5″, 8.5″, and 9.5″
  • Single Fin Pivot Noserider – 9″ & 10″
  • Futures Quad and Thruster sets
  • FCS Quad and Thruster sets

These turned out to be really fun and unique looking fins – still ridden today!

About the Product Archives

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