Product Archive: Recycled ABS Wax Combs

This was a wax comb that didn’t suck, but rather scraped. It was made from 100% recycled ABS.

These wax combs were 3D printed from 100% recycled ABS filament from ReFil.

What was once a car’s dashboard that was destined to sit in a junkyard for eternity or wind up somewhere it shouldn’t be can now sit on your car’s dashboard in the form of a wax comb.

These wax combs are designed with a nice big scraper side to get the wax off your board quickly and a side with teeth that aren’t sharp enough to draw blood, but perfect for adding some texture to your fresh wax.

Got a 3D printer of your own? You can find ready-to-print files for a similar Wave Arcade wax comb and even some fins at Cults3D.

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