Surfing Tips & Tricks

Find tips on how to improve your surfing. If you want to be a better surfer, this is the first place to start before you look into new boards, fins, and gear.

Surfing Closeouts

A closeout is when a wave just breaks on itself all at once or in too large a section for you to get past. Sometimes, a wave closes out and you don’t have many options on where to go. If you’re just learning or you surf beach breaks often, you’re going to encounter closeouts. Learning …

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Workouts for Surfing

One of the often overlooked areas of affected how a particular surfboard performs is changing the surfer that’s trying to ride it – that’s you! One of the common answers to “how do I get better at surfing?” is often surf more. And while that’s certainly true, it’s kind of a cop out. Yes, to …

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