Skateboarding can be a great cross-training for surfing – plus it’s pretty fun in its own right. Read about it here at the Wave Arcade Surf(Skate) Blog.

Skateboards vs. Longboards

If you’re in the market for a new board, you’re likely seeing a ton of information about how great both skateboards and longboards are. But what is best for you? Learn the differences and benefits of each so you can pick the best one.  Differences Between Skateboards and Longboards Let’s start with a quick origin …

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How to Ride a Longboard

You’ve made it here after hearing about longboarding. We don’t blame you for wanting in! It’s a fun sport that can be shared with friends year-round, all throughout your life. Let’s go over the basics so you can confidently get out there and learn for yourself. We’ll cover how hard longboarding is, how it compares …

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Indoor Mini Ramp

Mini Ramp Plans

Over the summer I moved from a 10-minute e-bike ride to a 25-minute drive to go surfing. Still very lucky, no doubt, but the change did require me to adjust my surfing habits. When I could bike to the beach, going down for a quick surf even if the waves were bad was no big …

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