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Surfing & Rip Currents

Become familiar with the ocean and different conditions is key to progressing as a surfer. To the inexperienced surfer, or the average beach-goer, rip currents can be dangerous. However, if you know how to spot a rip and navigate it safely, you can actually use it to your advantage to get back out to the […]

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Big Wave Surf Spots

Big wave surfing is a class of its own. Consequences are high, risk is huge, and the reward is something else entirely. Big wave surfing can be classified as either tow-in or paddle surfing waves that are 20 feet and larger. Where are the Biggest Waves in the World? Big waves typically occur when the

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Surfing Hurricane Swells

Hurricane season on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts goes from roughly June 1 to November 30. If you’re an East Coast or a Gulf Coast surfer, hurricane season is often sweet relief from the hot, muggy, flatness of summer. But surfing hurricanes can often be hit or miss. Whether or not you’re going to score

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Wave Pools & Wave Pool Tech

Who said you need to be on the coast, or even on a body of water for that matter, to enjoy perfect waves for surfing? Welcome to the age of the wave pool. Wave pools optimized for surfing are relatively new, but given interest, money, and competition, wave pools for surfing are only getting better

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Seasons, Hemispheres, & Surfing

You already know that surfable waves and swells are created by storms and winds traveling across expanses of water. The size and quality of those waves is partly dependent upon the strength of the winds and the distance they’re able to travel before meeting the shore. Wind, storms, and weather patterns change with the rotation

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