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Building a Hollow Wood Surfboard

Building a hollow wood surfboard can be a good first step into exploring alternative surfboard materials and manufacturing processes for yourself. Making a hollow wood board yourself also gives you a better understanding and appreciation for some of the really, really nice wood boards you can find online, on Instagram, or out in the water. […]

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Build a Hollow Wood Surfboard

Surfboard Shaping Guide: Getting Started

Shaping your own surfboard is something that can blow the roof off of your overall surfing experience – it can get you thinking about design elements and performance characteristics you’ve probably never thought about before. Shaping a surfboard can be fun, challenging, frustrating, and messy. And it can be extremely rewarding to surf something that

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How to Make Surf Fins

How to Make Your Own Surf Fins: Design your fins. Trace a favorite template or design your own by hand or on the computer with a program like FinFoil.io. Gather your materials. At the very least you’ll need resin, fiberglass, a jigsaw, and some sandpaper. Cut out the outline of your fins. Cut the profile

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Surfboard Fin Repair

A broken or damaged surfboard fin doesn’t automatically mean you need to toss it and get a new set. No way! With a little handiwork and patience, a broken surfboard fin can be repaired and sea-worthy again. However, if your fin is past the point of repair, you can always consider turning it into some

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