Surfboard Art

Surfboard Art

Surfboard art is an excellent way to customize your hand-shaped board or add some style to an old, dingy looking surfcraft. How to Paint a Surfboard You’ve got a few options when it comes to surfboard art depending on what stage you plan on applying it to your surfboard. For example: You can apply artwork …

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Surfboard Shaping Guide

Shaping your own surfboard is something that can blow the roof off of your overall surfing experience – it can get you thinking about design elements and performance characteristics you’ve probably never thought about before. Shaping a surfboard can be fun, challenging, frustrating, and messy. And it can be extremely rewarding to surf something that …

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Arcade Machines

How to Make Surf Fins

Choosing to make your own surfboard fins blows the lid off the possibilities for fin shape, materials, and production methods. Depending on your resources and ingenuity, you can make surf fins that look like they belong on a secret government flying machine or like they used to part of a fence. The choice is yours. …

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Fin Repair

Surfboard Fin Repair

A broken or damaged surfboard fin doesn’t automatically mean you need to toss it and get a new set. No way! With a little handiwork and patience, a broken surfboard fin can be repaired and sea-worthy again. However, if your fin is past the point of repair, you can always consider turning it into some …

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