How to Make Surf Fins

How to Make Your Own Surf Fins: Design your fins. Trace a favorite template or design your own by hand or on the computer with a program like Gather your materials. At the very least you’ll need resin, fiberglass, a jigsaw, and some sandpaper. Cut out the outline of your fins. Cut the profile […]

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Surfboard Fin Repair

A broken or damaged surfboard fin doesn’t automatically mean you need to toss it and get a new set. No way! With a little handiwork and patience, a broken surfboard fin can be repaired and sea-worthy again. However, if your fin is past the point of repair, you can always consider turning it into some

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Surfboard Fin Materials & Construction Methods

What are Surfboard Fins Made of? Here’s a quick list of some of the common materials surfboard fins are made of: Fiberglass/plastic/resin composites. Fiberglass panels. Resin composite over a core material. Wood/Bamboo. Plastic. How are Surfboard Fins Made? Some of the main methods for making fins include: RTM – Resin Transfer Molding CNC Cut Hand

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How Surfboard Fins Work

Surfboard fins have a number of effects on your surfboard’s performance: Fins influence drive/speed Fins affect a surfboard’s hold in the water and through turns Fins affect how a surfboard will feel on a wave – riding straight, turning, performing vertical maneuvers The two main forces acting upon your surfboard’s fins as you maneuver the

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Surfboard Fin Placement

Just like the size, shape, and material of your surfboard’s fins will affect how it surfs, so too will the placement and configuration of its fins. It’s worth reiterating that your fins are the part of your board that are in contact with the water more so than anything else. Since fin placement and configuration

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