Finless Surfing

Surf Without Fins

When the first fins were introduced and popularized in the 1930s – ‘40s, it changed surfing forever. Stability, control, and turning – which were all once extremely difficult on the heavy, traditional finless surfboards – were now attainable. Fins allowed surfers and surfboards to progress into a whole new era. In 1935, when Tom Blake…

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Surf Fin Screws, Bolts, Keys, and Tools


The most common surfboard fin systems (Futures, original FCS, Bahne/US Box) keep your fins in place with the use of a metal grub screw or screw/nut combination. Overtime, you may find your screws have become stripped, rusted to uselessness, or lost all together. Fortunately, finding a replacement is not too difficult. If you’re in a…

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Surfboard Fin Materials & Construction Methods

Fin Materials

What are Surfboard Fins Made of? Here’s a quick list of some of the common materials surfboard fins are made of: Fiberglass/plastic/resin composites.Fiberglass panels.Resin composite over a core material.Wood/Bamboo.Plastic. How are Surfboard Fins Made? Some of the main methods for making fins include: RTM – Resin Transfer MoldingCNC CutHand foiling Just like the countless different…

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How Surfboard Fins Work


Surfboard fins have a number of effects on your surfboard’s performance: Fins influence drive/speedFins affect a surfboard’s hold in the water and through turnsFins affect how a surfboard will feel on a wave – riding straight, turning, performing vertical maneuvers The two main forces acting upon your surfboard’s fins as you maneuver the face of…

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Where to Position a Single Fin?

Single Fin Positioning

The Quick Answer: Move your fin forward for a looser feel. Move your fin towards the back for more stability and drive down the line. Make small adjustments and test. Pick up a single fin thumb screw if you want to test on the fly when you’re in the water. On a surfboard with a…

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Surfboard Fin Placement


Just like the size, shape, and material of your surfboard’s fins will affect how it surfs, so too will the placement and configuration of its fins. It’s worth reiterating that your fins are the part of your board that are in contact with the water more so than anything else. Since fin placement and configuration…

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Components of Surfboard Fin Design

Fin Mechanics, Dynamics & Characteristics

Surfboard Fin Design Characteristics & Hydrodynamics Surfboard fins have a huge effect on how your surfboard performs. Even the slightest changes in fin design can make a world of difference. If you’ve ever broken a fin and continued surfing or swapped the fins on your favorite board, you’ve probably already got a sense for it.…

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