Surfboard Blanks

Surfboard Blanks

What are Surfboard Blanks Made of? Surfboard blanks are made out of a few different materials – most are some sort of foam, but you’ve got natural, more eco-friendly options too. Types of surfboard blanks: Polyurethane foam (PU) – either virgin, partially recycled, or algae-derived Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) – either virgin or partially recycled Extruded …

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PU Foam

PU Surfboards

Surfboards come in all different shapes and sizes – that’s obvious. But there’s also variations to a surfboard’s core. And just like every design element of a particular board, the surfboard’s core material is going to have an effect on the way it performs in the water. Beyond performance, a surfboard’s core also has the …

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Surfboard Stringers

A surfboard stringer can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in surfboard design. And just like everything else, different variations of stringer material and layout can affect how your surfboard is going to perform. What’s a Surfboard Stringer? A stringer is the piece of wood (or other material) that typically runs down the center of …

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Surfboard Rocker

Rocker is another important design element of a surfboard. It has a big influence on the types of waves and turning capabilities a board is best suited for. Outline shapes alone really aren’t enough when trying to determine which board to ride for which wave – the surfboard’s rocker is going to tell you how …

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The Surfboard Outline

The shape, or outline, of a surfboard plays a major role in how the board is going to perform and which surfboard design-type it could be classified as. The shape is the result of lines coming together to form something that’s either going to direct water flow in a way that works or in a …

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Surfboard Tails

Surfboard Tails Designs

The tail of a surfboard is an important aspect of its overall design. The tail marks the exit point for water flowing around the bottom of your board and affects the speed, hold, and turning characteristics of your surfboard. Common Surfboard Tail Designs Below is a breakdown of some of the common tail shapes and …

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