Trial, Error, Failure, Repeat & The World Wide Web

Fin iterations

Sometimes it’s easy to look at a website or an Instagram or even just a product and assume it’s all peaches. At least I can fall victim to that and certainly have in the past. If you look at the Wave Arcade Instagram and read some things on the blog, my hope is that you…

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Retro Surf Arcade Games for You

8bit Surf Game

The Wave Arcade project is big on exploration and experimentation. So with no real game design or game coding experience, I figured it’d be a good idea to create a special, secret retro-inspired video game to accompany everything else Wave Arcade has to offer. Wave Arcade has its name for a few reasons – maybe…

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Dead Palm Hand Plane: Vissla & Surfrider Upcycle Contest

Dead Palm Plane

In Spring 2019 I was walking my dog and I noticed something. The city had just sent out crews to prune some of the palm trees in the area – all the dead fronds were removed leaving a clean, trimmed palm head above. There were a few remnants of some of the dead fronds lying…

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The Purpose of the Wave Arcade Blog

The information contained in the Wave Arcade blog serves a few purposes.  The main one being best articulated as this: I believe experimenting with your surfing equipment will bring you new surfing experiences. And new surfing experiences will bring you happiness.  Different surfboard design elements can either work together or combat each other – some…

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The Bamboo Fin Prototypes that Started It All

Bamboo Fin Prototype

While Wave Arcade technically started as an art project or an idea around 2015-16, it really got its start when the first bamboo prototype fin was built and surfed. That first prototype fin, which could be called an 8.5″ Flex fin, was slowly put together over a few nights and a couple days on the…

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