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The Mini Mal

Arguably one of the most popular surfboard shapes out there is the Mini-Mal. It’s a solid choice for both brand-new beginners and experienced surfers alike – providing versatility in small surf and clean point breaks – but can even be a good choice for bigger waves where you’d be over-boarded with something longer. What is […]

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The Asymmetrical Surfboard

The importance of symmetry in a surfboard, while prominent, is probably overstated. Think about how you surf a wave or just how wave break in general – you’re never really riding your board in a way that demands symmetry. Hand-shaped surfboards -even from the most experience shapers – can even have slight, maybe even unnoticeable

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The Twin Fin Surfboard

The twin fin, like the thruster or quad, describes a certain type of fin setup rather than a surfboard-type. However, like the other prominent fin setups described here, the twin fin certainly deserves a page of its own. If you’re new to twin fins, you’re in for a treat. It’s a type of fin setup

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Surfboard Sizes & Dimensions

Generally speaking, there are some recommendations to follow for sizing a surfboard regardless of your experience level. That said, depending on your skill level, paddle strength, and ability to read waves, you can really surf whatever you want. Experimentation, remember? Here’s the simple answer to how to size a surfboard: Adding more volume is a

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Vintage Surfboards

A brief look into “vintage” surfboards. What Were the First Surfboards Made Out of? The first surfboards were made out of solid wood, from either trees sources locally or ones that had washed up on shore. Wood was the primary surfboard construction method for quite a while. Even after surfing spread from Hawaii to California,

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The Longboard

Loggin’ is not for everyone – but those who add a longboard to their quiver will certainly be rewarded with pure joy even on the tiniest, weakest of days. That’s not to say you can’t get radical on a log, though. The longboard is probably synonymous with surfing itself – up until the 60s, it

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How to Choose a Surfboard

I think Thomas Campbell describes it best in the introduction of his surf movie Sprout as he describes its purpose, “…to show how many different ways we have to access our ocean existence using whatever shape or size equipment it might take to have a more connected ride.” Thomas Campbell, Sprout, 2004 What Surfboard Should

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