How to Sell Your Surfboard

Selling old surfboards is all part of the search for the perfect quiver. If you’ve outgrown a board, don’t get much use out of it, or are looking for an upgrade, you can use these quick tips to sell your old surfboard with ease. First, you’ll need to prep the board for sale: Make sure…

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The Pig Surfboard

the pig

The Pig holds a special place in the evolution of surfboard designs and classic longboarding in general. In the 1950s, surfboards were long, heavy and relatively difficult to control. Dale Velzy decided to try something different with The Pig. What is The Pig Surfboard? The Pig is essentially a classic Malibu longboard flipped upside down.…

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The Mini Simmons

mini simmons

Most of the design elements of the planing hulls that Bob Simmons was developing in the 40s and 50s were pretty radical for the popular thinking about surfboards at the time. Many of those design elements carry through to today and give us what we consider to be “the modern surfboard.” However, it really wasn’t…

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Foil Surfing & Hydrofoils

hydrofoil surfboard

Just like the emergence of the SUP through the early 2000s, the hydrofoil surfboard seems to be making more appearances in the lineup and at beaches around the world. And just like the SUP, there’s going to be surfers who immediately hate even the mention of a foilboard and talk about all the ridiculous things…

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The Ultimate Surfboard Buyer’s Guide

Buying a new (or used) surfboard can be an exciting thing. This page will go over some of the best ways to get your hands on a new stick. The first thing you’ll want to do is have in mind the rough dimensions you’re looking for in a general type of surfboard. Maybe you have…

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Building Your Perfect Surfboard Quiver

Let’s start with a disclaimer: don’t buy a particular type of surfboard just because some page on the internet told you to do so. The surfboards you buy and hang on to should match your style and ability of surfing and the types of waves you’re able to surf. With that out of the way,…

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The Tow-In Surfboard


Tow in surfing opened the door for an entirely new class of waves to be ridden. Waves that were once considered impossible to surf because you just couldn’t paddle into them, were now a possibility. What is a Tow-in Surfboard? A tow-in surfboard is a small, heavy board with foot straps that is designed for…

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The Alaia


The Alaia can be traced back to the origins of surfing itself. While the Alaia is not going to feel like any foam surfboard you’ve ever ridden, it can act as a sort of time-machine to transport you back to the beginning of wave ridding as well as offer some unique experiences. Experimentation and exploration…

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The Mini Mal

mini mal surfboard

Arguably one of the most popular surfboard shapes out there is the Mini-Mal. It’s a solid choice for both brand-new beginners and experienced surfers alike – providing versatility in small surf and clean point breaks – but can even be a good choice for bigger waves where you’d be over-boarded with something longer. What is…

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The Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

By now (late 2019) stand up paddle boarding has thrust itself way into the mainstream of surfing culture. With fringe beginnings at the spark of its revival in the early 2000s, I can remember seeing the odd SUP-rider in the line-up every now and again. Today, I rarely go to the beach and not see…

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