Buyer Guide & Surf History

Learn how to find the best surfboards, fins, and equipment for yourself or that special someone. Get familiar with some of the history behind your favorite boards and equipment.


The Longboard

Loggin’ is not for everyone – but those who add a longboard to their quiver will certainly be rewarded with pure joy even on the tiniest, weakest of days. That’s not to say you can’t get radical on a log, though. The longboard is probably synonymous with surfing itself – up until the 60s, it …

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fcs vs futures

FCS vs Futures Surfboard Fins

If you’re buying anything other than a single fin surfboard off the rack, you’re typically going to have two main choices for your fin system: FCS or Futures. Not all fins fit all surfboards. So, the questions remain – how are they different and which is better? What is the Difference Between FCS and Futures …

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which board to surf

What Board Should I Surf?

I think Thomas Campbell describes it best in the introduction of his surf movie Sprout as he describes its purpose, “…to show how many different ways we have to access our ocean existence using whatever shape or size equipment it might take to have a more connected ride.” Thomas Campbell, Sprout, 2004 What Surfboard Should …

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The Groveler

Is it a shortboard? Is it a hybrid? Is it a Muppet? A Pokemon? Should you have a groveler in your quiver? What is a Groveler Surfboard? The Groveler is a small wave surfboard that’s designed to be fast and rippable in the most lack-luster conditions. Technically, you could consider this some sort of hybrid …

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The Shortboard

The shortboard is a term used to describe more than just a surfboard’s length. Many surfers, especially those that start really young or surf competitively, become shortboard obsessed – and not surprisingly. Shortboards are what you see in the most popular surf competitions. They’re what are used to perform gravity defying airs, above the lip …

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surf wax

Get a Grip on Surf Wax

Surf wax is an interesting topic. Or maybe it’s not, I don’t know. Wax is something most surfers only think about briefly in one of two scenarios. The first being the enjoyment you get from the appearance and aroma of a freshly waxed surfboard. The second being the frustration of falling off your board when …

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step ups and step downs

Step Ups & Step Downs

Step-up and step-down surfboards enter a surfer’s vocabulary when they start thinking about choosing the right board for the right conditions. They’re additional tools in your surfboard quiver to get the most out of what your selection of waves is offering up. Getting yourself a proper step-up and step-down allows you to further expand and …

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The Gun

The Rhino Chaser. The Elephant Gun. The Big Gun. The name themselves for this type of surfboard evoke a sense of gravity and weight. Which is fitting for what this type of board is designed for – surfing huge, consequential waves. What is a Big Wave Gun Surfboard? A big wave gun – or rhino …

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The Fish

The Fish: Is it retro? Is it modern? Or is it simply timeless? Some surfboard design elements stand the test of time – whether that’s due to stubbornness, naivety, or hype is one thing. When design elements stick around because they work, that’s another. That’s the category in which the fish falls into. What is …

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