Surf Fin Systems

Fin Systems

Do All Fins Fit All Surfboards? Nope, all surfboard fins do not fit all surfboards. Bummer, right? Sort of cuts down on your ability to experiment. In order to select the proper fins for your board, you’ll need to know which fin system you have. You’ll find some systems are more commercially popular than others…

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Best Fins for Different Types of Surf & Surfing Styles

Big Waves

To put it simply, the best surf fins for any particular day should allow you to surf the board you’ve chosen as you want to on the waves you’ve got to work with. In other words, you’re going to what to choose a fin setup that not only compliments the design of your board, but…

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Surfboard Fin Setups: How Many Fins Should You Have?

Fin Setups

Your surfboard fin selection is dictated by the fin setup on your board. Understanding how common fin setups and surfboard combinations perform can help you select fins that are right for your board and the type of surfing you want to do. Boards with setups from single fin boxes to 5-fin set ups are going…

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Surfboard Fin Size

Fin Size

Surfboard fins come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Even after familiarizing yourself with how different fin shapes and materials are designed to perform, you’re still left with the question of what size fin to get. Fin size should typically correspond with the width of a surfboard’s tail. The wider the tail, the…

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