Twin Fins vs. Keel Fins

Twin fin surfboards can feature either fins or keels. While the term “keel fin” is sometimes used to describe any sort of fin, it describes a specific design. Check out our recommendations for some of the best twin fins and keels. What are Twin Fins? A twin fin setup features two side fins that are …

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The 5-fin Setup

If you’re interested in fin experimentation, the 5-fin set up is for you. The 5-fin set up is all about versatility and options, and it’s one of the most common setups you’ll find if you look at new stock boards on the rack at your local surf shop. Five fin set ups feature two rail …

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Alternative & Niche Surf Fins

The possibilities for experimentation in surfboard and fin design are vast. There’s a lot that hasn’t been explored. The cool thing about surfing is that you can find designs that are going to feel like magic to one surfer and like a dog to next, but that’s part of the fun. This page highlights some …

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fcs vs futures

FCS vs Futures Surfboard Fins

If you’re buying anything other than a single fin surfboard off the rack, you’re typically going to have two main choices for your fin system: FCS or Futures. Not all fins fit all surfboards. So, the questions remain – how are they different and which is better? What is the Difference Between FCS and Futures …

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Single Fin Guide

A Guide to Longboard Fins

Single fin longboards are a great place to start experimenting with your fins. First, you don’t even need to go out and buy new fins to start experimenting. With a single fin, you’ve got the ability to move it forwards or backwards in the fin box – affecting stability/looseness. With just some slight movements of …

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Surfboard Fin Evolutions

The surfboard fin has undergone a number of changes and evolutions since waves were first ridden on giant wooden boards in 18th century Hawaii. Before fins, surfboards were so big and heavy that most surfing was done in a straight line back to shore. Slight control over the big, heavy boards could be achieved by …

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