Surf Racks

Surfboard Racks 101

If you’ve been surfing for a while, you’re probably aware that along the way you’ve somehow developed this weird desire to keep accumulating more and different surfboards. It’s a disease that cannot be cured. It’s fun to surf a variety of boards – it allows you to get to know your own surfing better – …

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surf leash

The Surfboard Leash

Before the leash, you had to be a really strong swimmer to even attempt surfing. Whatever your stance on the pros/cons of the surf leash, the fact is that the majority of surfers use them and even more surfboard have a method for attaching a leash. When used properly, the leash is another useful piece …

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surf wax

Get a Grip on Surf Wax

Surf wax is an interesting topic. Or maybe it’s not, I don’t know. Wax is something most surfers only think about briefly in one of two scenarios. The first being the enjoyment you get from the appearance and aroma of a freshly waxed surfboard. The second being the frustration of falling off your board when …

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