How to Sell Your Surfboard

Selling old surfboards is all part of the search for the perfect quiver.

If you’ve outgrown a board, don’t get much use out of it, or are looking for an upgrade, you can use these quick tips to sell your old surfboard with ease.

First, you’ll need to prep the board for sale:

  • Make sure any major damage and dings have been fixed professionally – either by an actual ding repair shop or yourself if you’ve got the experience.
  • Remove any old wax and replace any torn-off traction pads.
  • You can remove things like the fins, leash, and a board bag, but include them with the sale to sweeten the deal.

Next, you’ll need to decide where to sell it. You main options include:

  • Your local surf shop’s consignment rack: The shop will do all the work in selling your board, but will pocket most of the profit.
  • Your local board swap: Bring your old boards down to the park and haggle in person.
  • Craigslist and local classifieds: Include some nice pictures of just the board (i.e. place it up against the wall or on the grass instead of in the corner of your cluttered garage), list everything you know about the board (shaper, dimensions, etc.), and describe briefly how it has been surfed (what kind of waves, frequency of use, etc.)

Consider when you’re selling a particular type of board too. It’ll usually be easier to sell a board that suited for the current conditions at any given time of year.

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