The One Board Quiver

While experimenting with different surfboards and equipment, and building your surfboard quiver overtime is an incredibly enjoyable part of surfing, it’s not feasible or practical for everyone.

Due to budget, space, transportation to the beach, etc. for some surfer, having a different board for different scenarios doesn’t always work out.

Luckily, you aren’t out of luck.

The One Board Quiver

Surfboard design today provides you with a ton of options – everything from materials and design to fin setups.

Most shapers and surfboard makers have some sort of hybrid model or all-rounder board.

It’s boards like these that make a one surfboard quiver more feasible.

A one board quiver, or a travel quiver, is also a great option for surfers who travel to different locations a lot. Having to travel with a single board that will go well in a lot of different conditions is much easier than traveling with a few.

Depending on where you surf and the type of surfing you like to do, your perfect one-board-quiver is going to look slightly different.

Basically, you want to look for a surfboard that is going to work in all the surf conditions that you experience – small waves, big waves, fast waves, mushy waves, choppy waves, etc.

Characteristics of a One Board Quiver or a Travel Board

Most boards that fit into the one board quiver would be considered hybrids. This category has plenty of options and diversity, but most of these types of surfboard will feature the following:

  • A little extra thickness, which helps in both smaller and bigger waves.
  • Stronger glassing.
  • 5-fin setup.

From there, you’ll be able to tweak tail shapes, nose shapes, rocker, rails, etc. to fine tune the board for your liking and your style of surfing.

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