The Hybrid

The surfboard hybrid – a perfect blend of multiple board design elements or an ungodly Frankenstein monster?

I think the answer is probably closer to the former.

What is a Hybrid Surfboard?

A hybrid surfboard blends the design elements of different surfboards in order to capitalize on the strengths of different boards in a wider variety of waves.

The most common hybrid surfboard is typically takes the form of a fish-like board mixed with a performance shortboard.

They offer the speed, paddle power, and stability of a fish with the maneuverability and snappiness of a shortboard.

They’re short, thick, wide, and with a flattish rocker.

Hybrid surfboards don’t require perfect waves – they can be fun in everything from the mushiest of conditions to head-high perfection.

It’s a good go-to surfboard type because you can be fairly confident that it’s going to work for you no matter what the surf is doing.

History of the Hybrid

The hybrid surfboard is a prime example of surfboard evolution in general – taking something that works from one or more designs and tweaking it into something else.

That’s pretty much how progress in surfing was made. You add a little something here, take away a little something there, and you’re left with something new. If it works, the cycle continues.

Hybrid surfboards are very popular today, and really gained steam in the early 2000s following the shortboard revolution that was still going strong for much of the 80s and 90s.

These boards are forgiving, versatile, and user-friendly. For the average surfer, a hybrid board is a no-brainer.

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