The Funboard

If you’re doing it right, technically every surfboard should be a “fun” board. Right?

If you’ve got the right board for the right conditions, your chances of fun increase greatly. That’s just science.

While every board certainly presents the opportunity for fun, funboard is a legitimate category of surfboards for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

What is a Funboard Surfboard?

A funboard covers a variety of surfboard shapes and design elements, but can generally be broken down into wider, thicker, rounder boards in the 6’ to 8’ range.

Funboards can look like anything from eggs, to mini-logs, to big fishes, to a whole variety of floaty shapes.

They key to a funboard is lots of float with more maneuverability than a traditional longboard.

That’s one of the reasons why these boards are popular with beginner surfers – you can get into waves easier and earlier, and once you’re up and surfing, you can practice both pivots and long, carvey turns. Maybe even some cross-stepping and nose riding if your funboard has the volume and stability.

Experienced surfers shouldn’t shy away from funboards though – they can be a great option when the waves are weaker or if you’re looking to glide around and have some… fun.

History of the Funboard

Funboards are another surfboard shape that’s difficult to pin down its origins.

When boards started getting shorter, some of the first trials were chopped up longboards, which probably weren’t too far off from many funboards today.

With the surge of soft-top surfboard manufacturers, funboards have become more available to the masses. But funboard shapes have always been hanging around on surf shops in foam and glass for beginners and experts alike.

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