Do Surfboards Come With Fins?

Do Surfboards Come With Fins?

Surprising as it might be, since you’re going to need a good set of fins to get the most out of your new surfboard, most surfboards do not include fins.

Crazy, right?

Some surf shops will make this pretty clear – either with a sticker on the board or included near the price tag or as a general rule for boards in a certain section of the shop.

Not even all used surfboards are going to include fins – totally depends on the shop, whether it’s consignment or not, or whatever the reason.

If a surfboard does come with fins, chances are it’ll be the plastic composite ones. All the big fin companies make these – they’re cheap and have no real performance benefits.

Fins are priced separately because they’re an upsell. But, they’re an upsell that’s worth the money.

You don’t have to go crazy and buy the most expensive fin set – you’ll start noticing a difference in pretty much every fin as you upgrade from the stock plastics.

Good fins – fins that are manufactured well out of proper materials – are going to make your surfboard feel faster, more responsive, and solid in turns.

Different fin setups and different fin constructions have their own performance characteristics, so you’ll have to decide what exactly you’re looking for.

Definitely doesn’t hurt to experiment – in fact, I encourage it.

Just something to consider if you’re new to buying surfboards – you’ll definitely want to think about the fins too.

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