Alternative & Niche Surf Fins

The possibilities for experimentation in surfboard and fin design are vast. There’s a lot that hasn’t been explored. The cool thing about surfing is that you can find designs that are going to feel like magic to one surfer and like a dog to next, but that’s part of the fun.

This page highlights some interesting and alternative surfboard fins and fin designs. Whether they’re good or not, that’s up to you to find out.

101 Fin Co.

Handcrafted bamboo fins from San Diego, California. Bamboo makes for an excellent fin material – it’s extremely light weight and strong and has flex properties unlike any other fin materials.

101 Fin Co has some top of class examples.


AU Fins

Wavy looking fins that are designed to create a “spiral propulsion.”

Based out of Dana Point, California.


C-Drive Fins

C-Drive Fins feature an extra large base that acts as a stepped trailing edge that’s designed to create more drive and hold through turns.



Airplane wing-like, upright, rectangular fins with little winglets at the tips. Designed to reduce fin area to create less drag with more lift and hold.


Kumano Fin System

Not a fin itself, but rather a tool-free fin system that secures that single fin in the finbox with shims and spring-bearings.


Nobuhito “Nobby” Ohkawa

Beautifully handcrafted wood fins finished without fiberglass. Different types of wood are layed up in custom panels and hand foiled to make for some truly exceptional wood surf fins.

Website (Instagram):


Smart Fin is a project designed to collect more near shore ocean data. It embeds a chip into fins made by Futures to collect data as you surf.


Starfin (Winged Keels)

Developed by former Australian pro surfer, Cheyne Horan. A single fin with large wings at the tips. It’s designed to create lift and hold while remaining fast and loose. They’re supposed to work well in sloppier conditions.



S-Wing fins are a biomimicry design based off of fish fins and bird wings. The long, drawn out trailing tip is designed to create hold and drive.


Turbo Tunnel Fins

The Turbo Tunnel is a single fin that features a round, hollow tunnel in the center. It’s designed to add hold and stability.


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