The Funboard


If you’re doing it right, technically every surfboard should be a “fun” board. Right? If you’ve got the right board for the right conditions, your chances of fun increase greatly. That’s just science. While every board certainly presents the opportunity for fun, funboard is a legitimate category of surfboards for beginners and experienced surfers alike.…

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The Hybrid


The surfboard hybrid – a perfect blend of multiple board design elements or an ungodly Frankenstein monster? I think the answer is probably closer to the former. What is a Hybrid Surfboard? A hybrid surfboard blends the design elements of different surfboards in order to capitalize on the strengths of different boards in a wider…

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The Thruster


The thruster surfboard best describes a fin setup rather than a particular board, but it has definitely become synonymous with high performance shortboards and competitive surfing over the last few decades. That said, you can find a thruster setup on everything from a small wave groveler to a 10’ longboard. What is a thruster surfboard?…

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Surfboard Designs, Shapes & Types: An Overview

Types of Surfboards

Everything in surfing design has variations – from single fin types to surfboard tail shapes. To the untrained eye or even the non-surfer, the most distinctive difference in surfboard design is probably the overall shape of the board itself. Each different surfboard design type has its own unique performance characteristics, strength, weaknesses, and history. Some…

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Tales of Surfboard Tails

Surfboard Tails

The tail of a surfboard is an important aspect of its overall design. The tail marks the exit point for water flowing around the bottom of your board and affects the speed, hold, and turning characteristics of your surfboard. Common Surfboard Tail Designs Below is a breakdown of some of the common tail shapes and…

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In Defense of the Wooden Surfboard

Wood Surfboards

I started Wave Arcade with the goal of creating an eco-friendly surf brand. I’m also a big advocate for experimenting with your surfing. So naturally, I became interested in more natural surfboard materials. Wood and wood-like materials (bamboo, agave, cork, etc.) are some of the best ways to build more sustainable surfing products. Just like…

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A Guide to Longboard Fins

Single Fin Guide

Single fin longboards are a great place to start experimenting with your fins. First, you don’t even need to go out and buy new fins to start experimenting. With a single fin, you’ve got the ability to move it forwards or backwards in the fin box – affecting stability/looseness. With just some slight movements of…

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The Purpose of the Wave Arcade Blog

The information contained in the Wave Arcade blog serves a few purposes.  The main one being best articulated as this: I believe experimenting with your surfing equipment will bring you new surfing experiences. And new surfing experiences will bring you happiness.  Different surfboard design elements can either work together or combat each other – some…

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The Bamboo Fin Prototypes that Started It All

Bamboo Fin Prototype

While Wave Arcade technically started as an art project or an idea around 2015-16, it really got its start when the first bamboo prototype fin was built and surfed. That first prototype fin, which could be called an 8.5″ Flex fin, was slowly put together over a few nights and a couple days on the…

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Surf Fin Buying Guide: Fins Explained


Deciding what surfboard fins you should get comes to do a few key factors: What kind of board & fin system do you have?What kind of surfing do you want to do?What kind of waves will you be riding? If you’re in a rush, here’s a general guide on what surfboard fins you should ride:…

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