Equipment for Surfing

You don’t need a lot of “things” to enjoy the ocean. If you’re a real purist, you could simply bodysurf naked and get your surfing fill. But, if you’ve been surfing for any amount of time, you’ll find your surfing toolkit along with your curiosity and ability to experiment with different equipment has grown. If …

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sunscreen for surfing

Sunscreen for Surfing

Sunscreen might be one of the most important pieces of your surfing toolkit. From session to session it might seem inconsequential, but in the long run, you’re going to be happier with your past-self for having used a proper sunscreen while you surf. A few simple things go into choosing the right sunscreen to wear …

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surfboard tractionpad

What is a Traction Pad?

Traction pads, tails pads, or deck grip are patches of foam-type material that adheres to the deck of your surfboard to provide you with some extra grip and traction in place of surf wax. You’ll often find traction pads on the tails of shortboards, hybrids, or any type of board that caters to vertical maneuvers, …

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twin surfboard

The Twin Fin Surfboard

The twin fin, like the thruster or quad, describes a certain type of fin setup rather than a surfboard-type. However, like the other prominent fin setups described here, the twin fin certainly deserves a page of its own. If you’re new to twin fins, you’re in for a treat. It’s a type of fin setup …

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