How to Ride a Single Fin Surfboard

Riding a Single Fin

If you’re new to fin experimentation, a single fin surfboard is an excellent testing ground. Not only does it add an entirely new challenge and style to your quiver, it serves as a look back to the surfboard and fin evolution. With a single fin, you’ve got so many options when it comes to fin…

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Surfboard Fin Repair

Fin Repair

A broken or damaged surfboard fin doesn’t automatically mean you need to toss it and get a new set. No way! With a little handiwork and patience, a broken surfboard fin can be repaired and sea-worthy again. However, if your fin is past the point of repair, you can always consider turning it into some…

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Single Fins vs. Thrusters vs. Quads

Fins 2

With so many fins and surfboards to choose from, a common question many surfers have is which fin setup is best? How does a single fin compare to three fins? How does a thruster compare to a quad? Since many surfboards have fin systems that allow you to choose between a single vs. thruster or…

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Surfboard Fin Evolutions

Evolution of the Surf Fin

The surfboard fin has undergone a number of changes and evolutions since waves were first ridden on giant wooden boards in 18th century Hawaii. Before fins, surfboards were so big and heavy that most surfing was done in a straight line back to shore. Slight control over the big, heavy boards could be achieved by…

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How to Change & Install Surfboard Fins

Fins 1

If you’re new to surfing or have never experimented with your fins before, changing fins may not be as easy as it seems. Overtime, saltwater, sand, and other debris can bind your fins to their box and make changing them a little difficult. Metal hardware (grub screw, flat head screw, and plates) can also be…

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Fin Setups for Soft Top Surfboards

Palm Trees Dark

Soft tops tend to get a bad rap in many lineups. They often come with the connotation of the clueless novice and the mass-produced mega-storms. However, soft top surfboards can be extremely rippable under the right feet, and they can be versatile and fun in the worst of conditions. That said, the fin setups on…

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Surf Fin Screws, Bolts, Keys, and Tools


The most common surfboard fin systems (Futures, original FCS, Bahne/US Box) keep your fins in place with the use of a metal grub screw or screw/nut combination. Overtime, you may find your screws have become stripped, rusted to uselessness, or lost all together. Fortunately, finding a replacement is not too difficult. If you’re in a…

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Surfboard Fin Materials & Construction Methods

Fin Materials

What are Surfboard Fins Made of? Here’s a quick list of some of the common materials surfboard fins are made of: Fiberglass/plastic/resin composites.Fiberglass panels.Resin composite over a core material.Wood/Bamboo.Plastic. How are Surfboard Fins Made? Some of the main methods for making fins include: RTM – Resin Transfer MoldingCNC CutHand foiling Just like the countless different…

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Surf Fin Systems

Fin Systems

Do All Fins Fit All Surfboards? Nope, all surfboard fins do not fit all surfboards. Bummer, right? Sort of cuts down on your ability to experiment. In order to select the proper fins for your board, you’ll need to know which fin system you have. You’ll find some systems are more commercially popular than others…

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Best Fins for Different Types of Surf & Surfing Styles

Big Waves

To put it simply, the best surf fins for any particular day should allow you to surf the board you’ve chosen as you want to on the waves you’ve got to work with. In other words, you’re going to what to choose a fin setup that not only compliments the design of your board, but…

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