surfboard rail shapes

Surfboard Rails

The surfboard’s rail refers to the sides of the board. While the top-down view of the rail lines give you the overall template or outline of the surfboard, the side-view of the rail reveals a variety of rail shapes. Rails affect speed, turning, buoyancy, and maneuverability. Different Types of Rail Shapes The first major distinction …

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Surfboard Decks

The surfboard’s deck is the top of the surfboard. It’s where your feet, wax, and traction pads go. It’s what takes the most day-to-day abuse between duck-diving, popping up, and wiping out. And it’s a place where shapers can really play with the volume and affect the flex characteristics of a board. The deck of …

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The Tow-In Surfboard

Tow in surfing opened the door for an entirely new class of waves to be ridden. Waves that were once considered impossible to surf because you just couldn’t paddle into them, were now a possibility. What is a Tow-in Surfboard? A tow-in surfboard is a small, heavy board with foot straps that is designed for …

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The Alaia

The Alaia can be traced back to the origins of surfing itself. While the Alaia is not going to feel like any foam surfboard you’ve ever ridden, it can act as a sort of time-machine to transport you back to the beginning of wave ridding as well as offer some unique experiences. Experimentation and exploration …

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mini mal surfboard

The Mini Mal

Arguably one of the most popular surfboard shapes out there is the Mini-Mal. It’s a solid choice for both brand-new beginners and experienced surfers alike – providing versatility in small surf and clean point breaks – but can even be a good choice for bigger waves where you’d be over-boarded with something longer. What is …

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asymmetrical surfboard

The Asymmetrical Surfboard

The importance of symmetry in a surfboard, while prominent, is probably overstated. Think about how you surf a wave or just how wave break in general – you’re never really riding your board in a way that demands symmetry. Hand-shaped surfboards -even from the most experience shapers – can even have slight, maybe even unnoticeable …

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