Balance Boards & Balance Training

balance board

Mastering your balance is an important part of improving your surfing. Balancing on a surfboard is a lot different than balancing statically – you’re making micro-adjustments and shifting your weight and center of gravity constantly as the wave changes in front of you and you perform maneuvers. While a big part of balance for surfing…

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Tips for Learning to Surf & Getting Better

surf tips

No matter your level of experience, surfing is a continuous learning process. Each wave you surf is different and the variables are endless – from equipment choices, to environments, to wave types, to conditions, your mental state, etc. – if you don’t feel like you’re learning, you’re probably doing something wrong. For the beginner surfer,…

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Staying Fit & Healthy to Surf

If you’re interested in both improving your surfing and getting the most enjoyment out of your time in the water, staying fit is key. Fitness for surfing really boils down to how you’re spending your time and what you do for your body when you’re out of the water. That said, if you’ve got the…

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Improve your Surfing with Yoga, Stretching, & Breathing

surf yoga

Surfing can be extremely taxing on the body. Maybe more important that your overall strength and surfing ability is your flexibility and breath control. Surfers, and every really, can benefit immensely from yoga, stretching, and breath training. The beauty of it is, you can do it almost anywhere at anytime – you don’t need a…

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Surfing Hazards & Avoiding Injuries

Surfing can certainly be a dangerous activity. Whenever you’re up against Mother Nature, there’s some risk involved. Add other people and hard, sharp surfing equipment to the mix and the risks go up. Continue reading to learn about some of the dangers that come along with surfing and how to avoid injuries. Dangers of Surfing…

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Picking & Catching Waves

Developing an eye for waves and being able to read the ocean is a skill that you’ll develop as you surf more – it comes from experience and getting familiar with the conditions and different types of waves. A lot of beginner surfers tend to make a few mistakes when it comes to picking and…

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Beating the Crowds

I think every surfer would agree that they prefer surfing when it’s not crowded. Crowds can tend to increase the risk for injury, increase the stress levels in the water, and decrease your wave count. If you’re a beginner surfer, if you’re a surfer with a career or a family, or if you don’t live…

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How to Pop-up & Drop In

Aside from paddling out and paddling into waves, popping-up is the next obstacle you’ll face before riding waves. The pop-up is essentially an explosive push-up/burpee-like movement. It’s best performed smoothly, quickly, and in one quick, deliberate move. It’ll take some practice to refine, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll become second nature.…

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Skateboarding – Snowboarding – Surfing

skateboarding and surfing

Skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing are all top of mind when you think “boardsports.” Even the modern versions of these three sports stem from a common ancestor – surfing and wave riding. Wave riding itself has been around for a long, long time – probably ever since the first time humans interacted with the ocean. Surfing…

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Paddling Out & Paddle Techniques

“..Big Steamer Lane makes you wish you were a trout, when is smackin’ so hard, only two dudes paddle out…” Paddle Out by Sublime If you want to be one of those 2 dudes that Bradley Nowell sang about, you’re definitely going to need to know how to duck dive and paddle properly. One of…

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