Surf Museums

Here is a list of some surf museums to check out around the United States. California Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum Location: 411 Olive Ave, Huntington Beach, CaliforniaHours: 12 pm to 5 pmCost: FreePhone: (714) 465-4350Website: Outdoor Surfboard Exhibit Location: Palm Ave between Seacoast Drive & 3rd Street, Imperial Beach, CaliforniaHours: NACost: FreePhone: (619)…

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Surfing Rules & Etiqutte

surf rules and etiquette

You can find all sorts of lists that go on and on about surfing rules, but at its core it really just boils down to 3 things: Be aware.Be respectful.Use common sense. That’s it – if you can do those 3 things, chances are you’re going to have a good time in the water no…

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How to Sell Your Surfboard

Selling old surfboards is all part of the search for the perfect quiver. If you’ve outgrown a board, don’t get much use out of it, or are looking for an upgrade, you can use these quick tips to sell your old surfboard with ease. First, you’ll need to prep the board for sale: Make sure…

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The Pig Surfboard

the pig

The Pig holds a special place in the evolution of surfboard designs and classic longboarding in general. In the 1950s, surfboards were long, heavy and relatively difficult to control. Dale Velzy decided to try something different with The Pig. What is The Pig Surfboard? The Pig is essentially a classic Malibu longboard flipped upside down.…

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The Mini Simmons

mini simmons

Most of the design elements of the planing hulls that Bob Simmons was developing in the 40s and 50s were pretty radical for the popular thinking about surfboards at the time. Many of those design elements carry through to today and give us what we consider to be “the modern surfboard.” However, it really wasn’t…

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Surfing Waves – Big & Small

surfing big small waves

If you want to maximize the number of days you can surf and you want to progress your surfing, you’ll need to learn how to adapt to both small waves and big waves. Your exact scale of small to big is going to vary on some of your own personal factors, but there are some…

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Surfing Hurricane Swells

surfing hurricanes

Hurricane season on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts goes from roughly June 1 to November 30. If you’re an East Coast or a Gulf Coast surfer, hurricane season is often sweet relief from the hot, muggy, flatness of summer. But surfing hurricanes can often be hit or miss. Whether or not you’re going to score…

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The 5-fin Setup

5 fin surfboard setup

If you’re interested in fin experimentation, the 5-fin set up is for you. The 5-fin set up is all about versatility and options, and it’s one of the most common setups you’ll find if you look at new stock boards on the rack at your local surf shop. Five fin set ups feature two rail…

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Surfing Helmets

surf helmets

Surfing is one of the few action sports where wearing a helmet is rare – at both the competitive and recreational level. However, when you consider that head trauma is one of the most common causes of injury and death for surfers, a helmet for surfing might make more sense. Helmet technology has come a…

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Where to Mount Your Go-Pro for Surfing

mount go pro for surfing

You’re going to need to do some thinking and experimentation with your action camera – whether it’s a GoPro or something else – if you want to get the best shots without interrupting your surfing too much. The first few time surfing with a camera can feel really weird, especially if you have to hold…

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